Licensing of the illustrations - Tetiana Kopytova

You can buy my illustrations for any of your private use: printing a poster or postcard, framing for a gift, creating photo wallpapers, as well as illustrating an article, publication, or a book. Prices are very affordable: for example, a license for an illustration for the printing of a poster or postcard for non-commercial use (edition of up to 10 pieces) = $ 20. Write to me!
How does it work

1. You choose an illustration, send me a link or a print screen of it by e-mail: and a description, for which purposes you need that illustration, approximate edition, and country of use.

2. After clarifying the details, I will send the payment details.

3. After confirming the payment, I will send you a file for printing.

There is a war in our country now, so I will be glad to have your support! I am a co-owner of a charity fund Pet Family that helps animals. We are caring now for abandoned animals, so a significant part of the money from the sale of the illustrations will go to purchase feed for abandoned animals, as well as for people with animals affected by hostilities and in need of help. More details about the work of our found on our website, Facebook and Instagram.
Thank you for your support!
Also, some of my illustrations are free for non-commercial use (email me for permission to use).
Together we are strong!